Hi I am Dinesh Kumar Owner & Photographer at The wedding Clicker i am love of light and all things whimsy. I am passionate about what i do and the stories i get to tell. nothing makes me more happy than creating a unique and customized experience for my clients to me photography is all about celebrating life and preserving memories that fly by all too fast.

The Wedding Clicker

The Wedding Clicker Photographers in Delhi Our service involves the unique of capturing the live emotions and save them for the future. Our expert wedding photographers capture the spontaneous clicks of the people attending the event without the subjects knowledge in both photos and videos.Making beautiful pictures is precious that we have been profoundly energetic about for quite a long time and we appreciate each and every minute of the process. Each of us brings our own interesting viewpoint into play when we snap that shutter, consolidating our aptitudes to create photographs that we feel characterize your remarkable and unforgettable moment in time. To make the pictures real and delightful we bring the components of design photography and join them with the feeling of your memorable wedding day. We like our photos to be both natural, and just stunning.